The Watcher: a new thirdling discovery

Picaia, original artisan design, has the honor of presenting the fourth limited edition figure of the Thirdlings collection: the Watcher.

Original design and story by Nuno Acosta. The figure is a handmade clay sculpture by master Juan Orrala and Arte Orrala. The figure is made in the commune of Valdivia, cradle of the ancient Valdivia culture of Ecuador, which created a unique aesthetic more than 4 thousand years ago. The traditional technique used by the Orrala master shapes a clay figure baked at 900 degrees.

The Watcher is a handmade figure, part of the new creative culture Thirdlings, it contains ancestral patterns of the Machalilla culture (1,600-800 BC). The figure is accompanied by a mask of a bird, possibly a pelican, and its support base. Its measurement is approximately 30 centimeters. The Watcher is delivered in a silk-screen printed cardboard box with an original Nuno Studio design and protected with foam cut in the shape of the figure, personalized property title and signed certificate, poster.

The Watcher will be on pre-sale at from October 1st to November 1st for the special price of $180. Its production will take place in November 2022 and it will begin to be delivered from December 2022 worldwide. Price does not include the value of shipping.

The Picaia Watcher is also sold in a noir version at for $210.

Only 100 Watcher figures will be produced in each version. Each figure is numbered.