MAAC Museum of Guayaquil inaugurates exhibition Thirdlings

(Speech by Nuno Acosta, creator of Tercerícolas on Thursday, February 17, 2022)

The first thing was the idea.

The idea of ​​reimagining culture, of offering the world something of our own, of entering the creative trade.

But you have to do it by creating.

Our purpose is summed up as “packaging ideas, origins and legends”. Our purpose is to rescue our creative legacy, that of our towns, our people, our designs to continue writing our culture with art.

Then came creation.

Together with the most talented artisans in Ecuador, we create value for a global market with a local conscience.

With the clear idea of ​​providing transparency, visibility and traceability to our work, we came to a conclusion: I must design and I must work with a craftsman. Armed with a sheet with 3 drawings, I arrived at the Orrala workshop and Juan attended me. At 78 years old, he undertook something new together with me, he undertook the creation of a new creative culture. And that’s why I ask a round of applause for Juan and his family, the Orralas of Valdivia.

But the creation was alone and then the story came.

And this is where we are today. I have always defined myself as a third world designer. In my world there are never budgets, nor enough time. Being creative in the third world is like skating on brittle ice, the only safety is speed.

I decided that the world that touched me has never had inhabitants. This is where the name Tercerícolas comes from: the inhabitants of the third planet from the sun. They all use skills that could revolutionize our towns and are already being implemented: networking, history, creativity, respect for the environment. Their roles are necessary for all of us to emerge.

There is a giant Thirdling on the facade of the MAAC museum, she is The Linker. She is there looking at Guayaquil. Her role is vital to our life and our future. She connects creators with producers. Today it is possible, today you will see the first achievements of the union of creativity and tradition: we have created an imaginary civilization, we have created original ceramic figures made in limited editions. In the age of the metaverse and NFTs, to innovate is to create something that has always existed with a new approach.

The sum of everything is culture.

We started designing inspired by Valdivia ceramics, a culture that created its own style more than 4,000 years ago.

As Gabriela Campoverde said, only if we create responsibly will we grow as the creative culture that we have always been.

I leave you with a phrase that you will find at the end of your walk through the first vestiges of the Thirdling civilization but that describes what it means to be Ecuadorian in all its forms.

“Our culture is infinite.

An incessant narration of real and fictional events, which begins with the origin of the universe, the beauty of all beings, their conflicts in the midst of their joys and the collective dream that the future is as we imagine it”.

Welcome to the world of the Thirdlings.

photos courtesy of José Luis Castro.