Thirdlings 3 timelines explained

There are currently 3 timelines. The first timeline contains us all, we all live in it right now: in the midst of a pandemic, in a war on the other side of the world that the most pessimistic would call World War III, with the Ecuadorian soccer team classified in the World Cup in Qatar. In the second timeline we are the master craftsman Juan Orrala and I, Nuno Acosta, the creator. In that timeline, the initial idea of ​​PICAIA was to pack crafts, but not having the assurance that the craft pieces would be paid correctly or not knowing the craftsman led to the idea evolving: I will take care of the design and a craftsman from the manufacturing. With 3 character designs that did not yet have a name or a story. We arrived at the Orrala workshop. Today we have developed what is defined as a new creative culture, born from the imagination and the purpose that fair trade brings Ecuadorian crafts to the level of quality that should be recognized.

But it is the third timeline that is the most important. It is the imaginary timeline. The one that begins 4,000 years ago on the coast of Ecuador at the foot of the Valdivia town, the cradle of civilization that defined its own style. Now imagine an archaeological discovery. Unearth a mystery in 2021. New figures never seen before. And that with this simple discovery a civilization parallel to the ones we know comes to light. The Thirdlings. A town that came from the sea, in which each inhabitant has a role that generates a positive impact on their community, like the Seer, who has 3 eyes to see the present, the past and the future at the same time. A society in which leadership rests with women and mothers. A commune in which a character is in charge of networking between creators and producers. The Thirdlings are an expanding timeline. With discoveries like the animals that had a special meaning for the people. With the 3 supernatural figures that coexisted with the Thirdlings. His legends, his songs, his sociographic studies. Their forms, their roles, their ideas. The Thirdlings are a people, like our people, with their traditions, with new designs, with new narratives, with new purposes.

This is the beginning of a new creative culture for Ecuador, it is not the Tercerícolas, we are the designers and artisans that we are creating from Ecuador to the world.