Thirdlings Exhibition at the MAAC Museum in Guayaquil

We are honored to invite you to the first exhibition and official launch of the THIRDLINGS: first of its kind at the Anthropological and Contemporary Art Museum of Guayaquil MAAC.

The original prototypes of the first Thirdlings figures created by Nuno Acosta behind the concept of the exhibition, as well as the definitive figures, will be exhibited. 5 new unpublished Thirdlings will be revealed to expand the civilization’s worldview.

The inauguration will take place in the Lobby of the MAAC Museum (Malecón and Loja) on Thursday, February 17 from 6:30 pm and will last for 1 month. There will be the presence of the master craftsman Juan Orrala in charge of the hand-made figures. The exhibition will show more of the creative culture of the Thirdlings, as well as explanatory texts of the civilization and discoveries of future characters. Picaia, behind the creation and sale of the Thirdlings promotes artisanal innovation, fair trade and the development of the creative economy

Admission is free. Controlled capacity and the use of mandatory masks.