Picaia and the cultural sustainability

imagen de branding y packaging de la marca Picaia de sostenibilidad cultural de Ecuador

Cultural sustainability has become a priority in the modern world. Globalization has allowed renewable technologies and origin creations to acquire a new value in the global market. In Ecuador, our Picaia® brand has respected the ancestral legacy of its peoples and has incorporated new artisan techniques typical of each origin to offer products of high cultural and commercial value to the world.

Branding, storytelling and packaging packaging are new concepts that have been incorporated into the new creative culture of Ecuador to highlight the products offered to the global market. Branding is the creation of a strong and recognized brand, which is easily identified and associated with a certain culture. Storytelling is the art of telling stories that attract and captivate the audience, making them interested in the products and their origin. Packaging is the design and presentation of products so that they are attractive and stand out from the competition. This is the case of Thirdlings that are sold worldwide through picaia.com

In Ecuador, cultural sustainability has become a tool to boost the economy of the towns and protect their cultural heritage. For example, the production of ceramics and handicrafts has become an important industry that uses ancient techniques and natural raw materials. Creativity and innovation have joined tradition to create unique products that have a high commercial value.

In conclusion, cultural sustainability is an important focus in the modern world. Picaia® has shown that it is possible to respect the ancestral legacy of its peoples and create products of high cultural and commercial value using new craft techniques and branding, storytelling and packaging concepts. Cultural sustainability is a tool to protect the cultural heritage of peoples and at the same time boost their economy.