The Bringer and the Heir

Mother and leader

Through their craftsmanship, the Thirdlings left clear traces of their social architecture. In their worldview, all men and women are equal, so how could they differentiate ranks and authorities? They decided that the woman who gives birth to a child is the most suitable to take care of the commune. So every woman who was a mother and cared for her heir was the leader. The child in her arms was the ultimate symbol of authority within the Thirdlings.

Folklore and findings
Through extensive study of the discovered civilization of the Thirdlings, researcher and writer Ed M. Undo has collected fragments of this culture in all kinds of forms. In this way we get to know it for its customs and legends.


We grow on him

(from the explorer Sir Ed M. Undo logbook0

The role of the Heir is unknown. His name suggests that his mother's leadership will allow him to take advantage of her learnings in the future to guide his people to better times. Legends say that when he grew up, he could have a special connection with other living beings from different places. A popular song says that "he who carries the inheritance in his heart has the gift of creating tradition." A figure that offers love and tenderness. His place is between the two arms of his mother, but always above his heart.