The Seer

3 eyes to view it all

A quiet and wise figure, the seer brought the cosmovision, their worldview, as a society of creators and producers, shaped their world. The seer has 3 eyes, one looks to the past learning from history so as not to make the same mistakes; one eye looks to the present to understand the situation and actively participate in each collective activity and one eye looks to the future being in charge of imagining, dreaming. His main job was to teach artisans the power of intuition, which left his wisdom in engravings and designs, which is not about prophecies but about pattern recognition for the improvement of life in the commune.

Folklore and findings
Through extensive study of the discovered civilization of the Thirdlings, researcher and writer Ed M. Undo has collected fragments of this culture in all kinds of forms. In this way we get to know it for its customs and legends.


Musings from the Seer

A girl from the village came one day to the cliff on which the Seer was meditating. It was a fiery sunset and shadows were beginning to lengthen on the hillside. What are you meditating on, wise master? the girl asked. Why do you call me teacher if I learn from you every day? said the Seer. From here I see our commune, from a distance I see it small. When sunset arrives, it changes color. When it gets dark it, will change temperature. But we are the same inhabitants as always. I look at you and remember that one day I was your size. His 3 eyes closed and he said - “Little one, whenever you look from afar, remember that for the one on the other side, you are the one in the distance.”