Flora: the keeper of the memory of forests


Flora is the keeper of the memory of forests.

Flora is the keeper of the memory of forests.


Before memory existed, before stories were born, before fire, before days and nights, before light and darkness, there was Flora.

When all of nature was one being, there was Flora.
Before each species had a name and each name had a meaning, there was Flora. Flora is one, Flora is all. Flora was the first name of the thousands of names that nature has received. Flora is born in each seed and is reborn in each fruit.

When Flora breathes, she breathes the world.
She surrounds us but she is invisible.
She feeds us without expecting anything in return.
She is reborn, regenerates, resurfaces.
She feeds us again.

Flora is each species of the plant kingdom. It’s not one, it’s all.

Flora is a being that inhabits every space in this world, the third world, and has taken root in our infinite culture.

And even though Flora doesn’t need us, we need her. Our fight today is to protect it. Our battle is against her extermination. Our war is against its extinction. We will never lack Flora, but we have forgotten, exploited, and corrupted her.

Flora is food, it is shelter, it is refuge, it is the cradle of Fauna, but that is another story.

Our commitment is to protect Flora, that flora that covers the entire territory of Ecuador like a multicolored cloak.

Flora is the keeper of the memory of forests.

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Picaia, original artisan design, has the honor of presenting its first original design collection from the Tercerícolas series: Flora

A limited edition handcrafted figure made in Valdivia. Story and design by Nuno Acosta, handcrafted by master Esteban Orrala, valdivian artisan.


Height: 43cm

Long: 33cm

Width: 17 cm






Noir edition: Baked in the oven using the smoking technique to turn the clay black.

Box includes

Thirdling figure, base, authenticity certificate by Nuno Acosta, story booklet


Height 43cm
Width 33cm

Product Information

Each figure comes with a numbered certificate of ownership. Owners will have access to rewards and exclusivity.

The measurements of the figures may vary slightly. The handmade finish may have minor variations or flaws. Each figure has unique dimensions as it is a handmade work.

About the figure

About the figure

Original design and story by Nuno Acosta. The figure is a handmade clay sculpture by master Esteban Orrala and Arte Orrala. The figure is made in the commune of Valdivia, cradle of the ancient Valdivia culture of Ecuador, which created a unique aesthetic more than 4 thousand years ago.

Delivered in cardboard box with an original Nuno Studio design and protected with foam cut in the shape of the figure, personalized property title and signed certificate, booklet.

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