The Watcher Thirdling clay figure

Look everything


Look everything. First Thirdling figure known to wear a mask.

Look everything. First Thirdling figure known to wear a mask.


Look everything. First Thirdling figure known to wear a mask. There is a debate among historians of the Thirdlings culture, since the mask would seem to be that of a pelican, a sacred animal for the fishing villages, but others see a toucan, which would lead one to think that Amazonian Thirdlings existed.

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Picaia, original artisan design, has the honor of presenting the fourth limited edition figure of the Thirdlings collection: the Watcher.

Limited edition handcrafted figure made in Valdivia. Story and design by Nuno Acosta, handcrafted by master Juan Orrala, valdivian artisan.


Terracota edition Terracota edition: The figure has a reddish color like the clay in which it is made.

Noir edition: Baked in the oven using the smoking technique to turn the clay black.

Box includes Thirdling figure, bird helmet, base, authenticity certificate by Nuno Acosta, story booklet.

Size Figure (height 27 cm – width 13cm)

Product Information Only 100 figures will be made in each model. Each figure comes with a numbered certificate of ownership. Owners will have access to rewards and exclusivity.

The measurements of the figures may vary slightly. The handmade finish may have minor variations or flaws. Each figure has unique dimensions as it is a handmade work.

About the figure

Original design and story by Nuno Acosta. The figure is a handmade clay sculpture by master Juan Orrala and Arte Orrala. The figure is made in the commune of Valdivia, cradle of the ancient Valdivia culture of Ecuador, which created a unique aesthetic more than 4 thousand years ago.

The Watcher is a handmade figure, part of the new creative culture Thirdlings, it contains ancestral patterns . The figure is accompanied by a mask of a bird, possibly a pelican, and its support base. Its measurement is approximately 30 centimeters.

The Watcher is delivered in a silk-screen printed cardboard box with an original Nuno Studio design and protected with foam cut in the shape of the figure, personalized property title and signed certificate, booklet.

Only 100 Watcher figures will be produced in each version.
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