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Unbox Ecuador’s most creative crafts

Unbox the most delicious handcrafts in your house. In Picaia, we are dedicated to finding the most talented artisans from Ecuador and bringing to you Ecuador’s greatest treasures: handmade goods.

Thirdlings is our first series, part of the new creative culture from Ecuador.

Nuno Acosta the creator

Nuno Acosta is a creativity entrepreneur. Designer and creative editor with more than 20 years of experience in design and communication, he has dedicated his professional life to exploring graphics and popular manifestations of Ecuadorian culture.

Promoter of creative and cultural responsibility, he focuses his ideas on original creations that highlight the pride of belonging to Ecuador.

Arte orrala: artisan partner

Thirdling figures are handmade in Valdivia comune by Orrala Family. Jennifer Orrala is our business partner in charge of the fabrication of our figures.

Erik Grünberg U.S. Thirdling Contact

Headquartered in Southern California but helping this innovative blend of ancient-modern crafts land in your neck of the woods, no matter where that might be.

Reach out by phone (657-247-9289) or erikgrunberg@picaia.com


Robert Aillon is a space entrepreneur from Ecuador.

Leviathan Space Industries LLC and President of the Guayaquil Space Society.


Ecuadorian artisans for decades have faced serious problems such as discrimination, poverty, low economic remuneration, little social recognition, and commercialization of products.
In Ecuador, crafts are identity and heritage, it is the work of more than 300,000 artisans, but their lack of innovation and competitiveness is erasing the trace of our culture.
Picaia is a brand of creations of origin that distributes original collectible handicrafts in limited editions made by hand with ancient techniques; introducing new stories; integrating fair trade, blockchain and storytelling; developing a new economy for more artisans from Ecuador to compete in a global market with creative and cultural responsibility.