Picaia, the unboxing experience

When you buy an original handcrafted Thirdling figure you become a proud collector, one of the few lucky people in the world to live the unique experience of unboxing a Thirdling.

Watch the video that briefly tells you how the Picaia unboxing is lived.


Enjoy it with time, in your own space. Each piece contained in the packaging was made with dedication and art so that it reaches you. Inside the box, in addition to your figure, which in this example is The Bringer and the Heir, you will have additional material to get to know the entire Picaia universe. Unpacking guide, promotional material and accessories.

Future rewards

Each Thirdling figure comes with a numbered certificate of ownership, to be able to trace from its creation to the delivery of its owner. Each Thirdling will have a limited edition of 100 figures, so it is vital to know who owns it. In the future we will reveal the rewards that each member of our extraordinary Picaia community will have access to.