The treasure of Ecuador: ancestral knowledge

  • Planting rituals, soil fertilization, rain and harvest.
  • Shamanism, medicinal practices and use of healing plants.
  • Gastronomy: preparations of dishes such as guinea pig, maito, tonga, guagua mama, mushunguitas, yamor drink, chicha, guaguas de pan, among others.
  • In the livestock field: grazing techniques, reproductive standards, signaling rites and animal cures.
  • Cultivation and agricultural production based on the equinoxes.
  • Andean cosmovision.
  • Land conservation practices and the natural environment.
  • Fiestas or Raymis, closely related to the Andean agricultural cycle.
  • Cultural knowledge such as the creation of original clothing and fabrics.
  • Crafts of coconut, tagua, seeds, fabrics and other materials.
  • Elaboration of objects such as rafts, carved wooden toys in the shape of animals, mills, crushers, marimbas, drums and cununos, baskets and fans.
  • History and traditions transmitted orally.

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