Thirdling Fauna in the new creative culture of Ecuador

imagen de Qulebra figura de la cultura creativa de Ecuador los Tercericolas

The Thirdlings is the creative culture of Ecuador that presents a new social architecture. These inhabitants of the third world maintained a communion with the animals that inhabited their environment, with them they cohabited and conquered territories from the sea to the mountains and the jungle, living together and mutually learning the balance that exists between beings and nature.

According to the writings of the explorer and the only known scholar of the Thirdling culture, Sir Ed M. Undo, the Thirdlings maintained a strong relationship with seven animals. Until now, we have only found evidence and remains of sculptures made by hand of the serpent, the octopus and the manatee.

According to legends and folklore, the Thirdlings maintained this relationship with 7 mystical animals.

What will be the other 4 Thirdling mystical animals to discover?