The Linker

Connecting heart and mind

Creating and producing does not always come from a single mind. The linker had one of the most important jobs in the commune, that of building bridges between creators and producers. Interpreting dreams or ideas so that the hands that produced everything understood the spirit of the work. Her dialect connected with emotions, through her body language she opened the vision of his interpretation and she accompanied her disciples in the endless task of building a new world for the good of each person in the commune. The linker worked as a team with everyone at all times.

Folklore and findings
Through extensive study of the discovered civilization of the Thirdlings, researcher and writer Ed M. Undo has collected fragments of this culture in all kinds of forms. In this way we get to know it for its customs and legends.


Soul for craft (couplet)

I'm looking for a laughing head with eyes of rough sea that cracks the silences and interpret my dreams They come back hungry She prepares brown salt He has found a way to take his food to fishing They together did it She joined them by instinct Now the fishermen they cheer and they are paunchy